• Objective Mt Blanc, France, 2014
    Late on Saturday evening, I arrive in Chamonix for the start of the expedition I’m really excited about. I am going to attempt going to the top of Mont Blanc, highest mountain in Europe. But before things get serious, I still need to reach the village where we’re going to depart from. Les Contamines Montjoie is only 25km away from Chamonix so I’ve decided to hike. I’ve got the entire sunday free so why not exercise and enjoy the beautiful scenery offered by the french […]
  • Anaconda expedition 2/2, Amazon rainforest 2015
    Day 9 Sanco Camp – Camp 4 Today we’re leaving. There is clearly a lot of life in the area, but we’ve struggled to find it. On the bright side, the camera trap has caught the image of a paca, the large rodent we saw at the start. I’m pleased to see that they start to capture good images, which is promising for the next ten days. The journey on the pirogue is long, the weather threatening again. It seems to be the continuation of the curse from entering the mysterious […]


  • A glimpse of Sicily’s wonders, Sicily, 2015
    Pfiou, the last 2 months have been extremely busy. Today is actually the first time since my short trip to Siciliy at the start of June that I have more than 5 minutes to write about it. I mean it’s summer (yes, in England! and a rather nice one I should say), I might as well enjoy it, right? Now, let’s get on the time machine and go back a month and a half ago… Its Saturday 30th of May 2015, 10:25am, I land in Catania, on the east coast of Sicily. The plan for the next 3 days […]
  • On two continents, Istanbul 2014
    It’s early September here in the UK, the summer is over. Days are much shorter, rainy and colder, it’s the best time to visit some warmer place. Istanbul will do. I’ve always been curious about this city. Is it in Asia or Europe? Well, it’s on both actually. But not only geographically Istanbul shows two distinct faces, historically too. Capital of the powerful Roman Empire and bastion of Christianity in Eastern Europe for hundred of years, it fell to the Muslims in […]