• Anaconda expedition 2/2, Amazon rainforest 2015
    Day 9 Sanco Camp – Camp 4 Today we’re leaving. There is clearly a lot of life in the area, but we’ve struggled to find it. On the bright side, the camera trap has caught the image of a paca, the large rodent we saw at the start. I’m pleased to see that they start to capture good images, which is promising for the next ten days. The journey on the pirogue is long, the weather threatening again. It seems to be the continuation of the curse from entering the mysterious […]
  • Onboard the M/S Sula & Orcas, Norway, 2016
    This trip is the quickest impulse decision I’ve ever made in my life. An early morning of November 2014, I was reading stuff on the internet about shark diving. I was curious about it and thought of doing that myself. But many people do it and I was trying to find something unique. Orcas crossed my mind and I couldn’t remember anyting about people diving with large marine mammal in the wild. I started to look this up and ended on Strømsholmen Sea Sports Centre’s website. They […]


  • In the heart of Maya’s territory, Guatemala 2014
    Day 1 – 6 El Mirador I actually landed in Guatemala late the day before and spent a night in a hotel close to the airport. I have heard and read a lot about the country’s capital being unsafe and I got a glimpse of it. The neighborhood in which I stayed was completely locked up. The gate was secured by guards with heavy firearms, there were fences everywhere, not really the Care Bears World. Maybe a little bit too much? Anyway, there are many places higher on my priority list so […]
  • Singapore 2011
    I ended up in Singapore with a bit of luck and a lot of perseverance. After I came back from the USA, I spent a few more weeks at University to complete my second year. And I decided that I wouldn’t come back for the third … yet. Instead, I would go on a gap year. I found an internship in France and spent 11 months doing the job. From a professional point of view, it was great. My colleagues were fantastic, the work interesting and I got to learn a lot. But I kept reading about my […]